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Health Card

Freedom to life.

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Health Card

"Health is wealth" is a very well known saying among us since ages. It is an uncompromisable strategy for everyone to keep wellness to one's physique. Its prime responsibility comes upon in-taking daily foods and its allied like minerals, protein, carbohydrate etc etc. We al are well aware of the fact and what we intake is not well enough to keep us free but mixtured with toxin elements. As a result , our body gets toxified and becomes a nest of multiple diseases. Here it becomes obvious that our health demands fighting weapons to face diseases that suffer us.

Health card is nothing but a proof or evidence that company - service provider takes a promise to stand by you and assist as and when you require treatment whatsoever . Our prime mission is to develop a systematic and organized way to serve the suffers.

Our plastic health and smart card is specially designed with QR bar to match all our outlets. It stands to serve across the country from north to south and east to west. We are proud to express that our card is esteemly appreciated and approved by Government of india as well as Government of West Bengal to cater our noble service for the wellness of health of our countrymen.

It is needless to say that today's society faces tremendous exigency of ailment and need to be treated leaving behind all options . Thus, its cost is increasing day by day. To curtail some portion of your medical burden, it stands by you and allows you to enjoy relief against your burden.


What we say that we do

  • In our medical squad, we have around 1700 Doctors keenly dedicated to serve across the nation;
  • Experienced and skilled para medical personal to work as a medical team for our esteemed organization;
  • As a commercial as well as professional performer, our card is covered with Rs.5,00,000 towards accidental insurance benefit;
  • To overcome bodily hazard, people are much tensified to know one's biological position i.e. periodical check up. We are here with you. We organize medical camp at different cities/towns by our approved Doctors to provide FREE full body check up once in a year ;
  • To have medical treatment, we use either Hospital or Nursing home. We are proud to express that we have wide tie up with reputed hospitals or Nursing homes at different cities to expedite prompt relief. Our card offers 10%-30% rebate on expenses and to be instantly settled through your wallet
  • You need to buy medicine to fight back disease. We have wide range of tie-up with reputed medical shops and our card can be utilized with a rebate 10%-30% on expenses on every occasion;
  • It is very common to have pathological test etc to diagnose exact medical problems. Of late, Physicians are aimed to have patho-test as pre-diagnose stage. We have arranged significant tie-up with reputed Laboratories at different citieis and our card gets with a rebate 10%-30% on expenses on every occation;
  • Towards day-to-day uses, we all do buying from grocery shop at our locality , here too we are at with you and we have tie-up with various grocery shops at different localities/towns where our card can get a rebate of 3% - 10% on each and every occasion.
  • To enjoy shopping at Shopping Mall , we are again with them and extend service to all usurers with a rebate 10%-30% on Shopping bill on every occasion.
  • Eating at Restaurant is common especially at weekend has become social status. To keep a positive consideration, we have made tie up with different Restaurants and our card will offer a rebate of 3% - 10% on each and every occasion;
  • While outing, we do stay at hotel or Resort and sometime it makes us to think of expenditure; Our card is again with them and we have tie up with different hotels/resorts and enjoy a rebate of 3% - 10% on each and every occasion ;